1. Establish reading time every day with your child.
  2. Snuggle with your baby while showing them how to look at the pages in the book as you read.
  3. Ask your child questions about the story you’re reading to keep them interested.
  4. Encourage your child to read words on TV, street signs, buildings, etc.
  5. Talk to your child when you’re together. Like a tennis game, “serve” and “return” helps build communication skills.
  6. Develop a special place in your home for your child’s personal library.
  7. Play simple naming games with your child, asking questions about their surroundings.
  8. Talk to your child while doing everyday tasks such as laundry, cleaning or cooking a meal. Talk through the process of what you’re doing.
  9. Visit familiar places and talk about the jobs that people are doing there. Talk about the tools they use.
  10. Read or sing nursery rhymes, pointing out the words that rhyme.
  11. Tell your child stories about your childhood and your family.
  12. Establish routines with your child so they know what to expect, helping them feel safe and secure.